How to drink from an Oktoberfest beer boot: Yes there is a right way!

Posted by Denise Gouge on

So, Oktoberfest season is in full swing.  Many of you have or will soon be partaking in all the Oktoberfest celebrations in your area.  Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who made the trek to Munich.  Regardless, you will undoubtedly encounter the luxury of drinking some fabulous German beer from das boot! Ahh...yes. That blissful feeling when tossing back your favorite brew is that much more special when drinking from an authentic German glass beer boot. If you own your own pair of lederhosen or have a sexy little dirndl, then you are a pro at instructions needed.  However, many a newbie must learn the hard way. 

So...the trick...the toe of the boot must face towards the side in order to have a smooth flow.  Turn the boot tip up and you will get a splash of cold brew to the face. 

Now that you know the trick...have a little fun with someone who doesn't have this valuable information.  Tell them the trick is facing the boot tip up ;)

Hofbrauhaus and Paulaner authentic German glass beer boot


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