What's the purpose of a beer bottle stein lid? There isn't one...maybe

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So if you frequent German heritage festivals or Oktoberfest celebrations, you may have seen people walking around with those tiny little stein lid looking gadgets on top of their beer bottles.  Or perhaps you have seen them at a party or wedding. What are those pointy little things? And what the heck are they for? Short answer...they are a completely useless item that serve absolutely no real purpose. Well, that is if you don't count laughter, smiles and funny conversation as a useful outcome.  Do they keep bugs out of your beer? Perhaps.  Will they serve as a name tag so no one drinks from your beer bottle? Sure.  So I guess they do have some practical purposes if you are a practical kind of person.  But, owning one of these solid pewter beer bottle stein lids imported all the way from Germany is not meant for the practical person.  These treasures (and I don't mean the cheap Chinese made stainless steel knockoff versions) are meant for people living life.  People who make it a point to do things that have no purpose simply for the sake of fun. Kind of like a Seinfeld episode.  That show was hilarious and was about absolutely nothing! Between our daily deadlines, schedules and obligations and the doomsday news blanketing social media, doesn't it just feel good to do things purely for the fun of it?  Something simply to bring laughter or a smile to your circle of friends or even to a complete stranger?  These little authentic bottle toppers aren't going to solve the worlds problems because remember, they are pointless and completely impractical.  Bottle stein lids have only one purpose...to bring a smile. You're smiling aren't you? I thought so.

Beer Bottle Authentic Pewter Stein Lid

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