1 famous artist + 1 famous war + 1 German drinking horn = 1 interesting artifact

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Peter Duemler was a well-known artist during the time between 1860 to 1907.  Many of his famous creations can still be found on German steins today.  Some of his original designs were preserved allowing new pieces of art to be modeled after his original masterpieces.  One such design is this .5 Liter German drinking horn

The horn depicts the story of the battle in Teutoburg Forest with Germanic warriors conquering Roman soldiers. The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest was fought in September of 9 AD during the Roman-Germanic Wars (113 BC-439 AD).  The warrior in the middle is holding a shield that says "Und sie tranken noch eins ehe sie gingen" which roughly means "and they drank another one before they went on". At the mouth of the horn you see the warriors celebrating the victory with their families and savoring beer out of their drinking horns.

Thus, two interesting pieces of history exist in this single artifact.  Authentic German steins and drinking horns often depict stories such as this.  Pay close attention the next time you see one.  There is probably another fascinating story behind it. So there you go...your history lesson for the day.

 Peter Duemler German Drinking Horn


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