Irish & Scottish Gifts Now Available- Our 3 Sister Companies are Merging!

Posted by Denise Gouge on

European heritage store

Texas Celtic Warehouse, a sister company of Oktoberfest Depot, has merged it's product offerings into the company's flagship online store,!  

Our third company, Texas Slavic & German Warehouse, will begin moving it's online offering to Oktoberfest Depot in the coming months.

The blending of our three online stores will result in a richer online experience and overall service enhancements for our customers. We are extremely excited about this step! 

We know the end result will be that our customers will receive higher quality in all facets of what we do to include product offerings, web experience, blog posts, social media and pop-up stores at festivals across the US

Our goal is quality, quality, quality! 

Take a look at our Irish & Scottish gifts here  

Irish gifts_Scottish gifts_Celtic gifts

So check back often as you will find a rapidly increasing selection of gifts from various European regions as Oktoberfest Depot moves toward a true European Heritage Store!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements regarding our 3 companies becoming...



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