Authentic Beer Steins

Authentic and high-quality German beer steins – glass bier steins, ceramic bier steins, Holiday steins, Oktoberfest steins, Fantasy steins, German drinking horns, and more!

Beer Bottle Pewter Stein Lid Topper

Your friends will be jealous of this stylish beer bottle topper! Be the hit of the party with this excellent conversation piece and keep the bugs out of your beer at the same time!

These bottle toppers are made of solid pewter and hand-crafted in Germany! Do not confuse these authentic stein lids with the cheaper made stainless steel versions. This bottle stein lid is the real deal!  (Bottle not included)

$13.99 $16.99

Leif Erikkson Viking Rustic .75L Beer Stein

This authentic German beer stein features Norse explorer Leif Erikkson and his Viking warriors discovering America. They are fully prepared for whatever awaits them in the unexplored land with helmets, axes, spears and swords. In the background you can see the ships sails billowing and an eagle flying overhead. This cobalt blue and cream colored stein features a full wrap design. It stands approximately 11” tall and hold .75 liters.
$99.95 $119.99

German Oak Leaves .5L Beer Stein

This rustic looking stein features a raised relief eagle with a Deutschland banner above and "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit" (Unity and Justice and Freedom) beneath. The sides are adorned with raised reliefs of Rothenburg, Munchen, Heidelberg, Koln, Berlin and Frankfurt. The raised oak leaves enhance the rustic feel of this classic stein. 

Handcrafted in Germany by Zoller & Born.

Stands 9.75" tall and holds .5 liters

$84.99 $99.99

Ireland Leprechaun Shamrock .5L LE Beer Stein

Bring the luck of the Irish home with this one-of-a-kind Ireland themed beer stein. Bright colors and familiar symbols bring the Emerald isle to life on this authentic German made stein.  The raised relief features a leprechaun holding a beer with clovers (shamrocks) strewn about. On one side is the Ireland flag and on the other is a harp.

Stands approximately 10 inches tall

Holds .5 liters.

Handcrafted in Germany by King Werk.

$114.99 $129.99

Ireland Leprechaun Rustic .5L Beer Stein

The emerald isle is perfectly characterized in this one-of-a-kind beer stein.  The little leprechaun nearly jumps off of the stein with its raised relief construction and rustic finish on the background.  He is holding a frothy beer and an "Ireland" shield sits below. Clovers (shamrocks) are scattered about with great detail. On the side you will find the flag of Ireland while the national symbol, a harp, is on the other.

Stands approximately 10 inches tall.

Holds .5 liters.

Handcrafted in Germany by King-Werk.

$114.99 $129.99

Black German Eagle Shield Beer Stein .25L

This .25L black stein features a Deutschland eagle crest pewter relief accented with gold and red and bordered with a gold scroll design.

Stands 8.5 inches tall and holds .25 liters.

Handcrafted in Germany by Zoller & Born.

$84.99 $94.99

Oktoberfest Festivities Panorama .75L Beer Stein

A fabulous Oktoberfest celebration is depicted in vibrant colors on this authentic German beer stein. The base of the stein has the phrase "Ein Prosit der Gemutlickkeit" meaning "Happy days". The band around the top features edelweiss flowers, beer mugs, wine glasses, grapes and acorns. The sturdy handle says "Oktoberfest" and has the Bavaria diamond pattern.  A beautiful solid pewter lid adorns the top.

Stands 10.5" tall.

Holds .75 liters.

Handcrafted in Germany by King-Werk.

$114.99 $149.99

Grim Reaper .5L German Beer Stein

This traditional German beer stein features the Grim Reaper and scythe on a pewter emblem. The stein is adorned with 22K gold accents. Includes a flip-top lid featuring a skull with red eyes. 

Handcrafted in Germany by Zoller & Born.

Height 10 3/8"       0.5 Liters 

$144.95 $173.94

Viking Ship Grotto .5L Beer Stein with Viking Helmet Lid

This authentic German beer stein features a solid pewter Viking ship riding along the rolling ocean waves.  It stands approximately 9" tall and holds .5 liters.  Features a solid pewter Viking Helmet Lid.

This limited edition stein was crafted in Germany by King-Werk.

Only 10,000 worldwide!

$124.95 $149.94

German Eagle Flag .25L Beer Stein

This beautifully handcrafted beer stein is the perfect gift or addition to your personal collection. The front is detailed with a raised relief German Eagle that is flanked on both sides with the German flag. Deutschland banner sits at the base of the eagle. Includes a pewter lid. 

Handcrafted in Germany by Zoller & Born.

Height: 9.25"    0.25 liters 


Poland Heritage .5L Glass Beer Stein

Show your pride in your Polish heritage at any get together with this Polska heritage stein. Features a pewter medallion with the Polish eagle and the word POLAND above and is flanked on either side with the Poland flag. The pewter lid has oak leaves, acorns and the word POLAND from all four directions. Holds .40 liters and is 7 1/4" tall. Hand wash only! Do not put in dishwasher.
Order includes 1 stein only!
$54.99 $64.99

German Drindl .5L Beer Stein

This traditional, handcrafted beer stein features the German Drindl and  is beautifully detailed with a raised relief texture.  It has a pewter top. Would make a great gift or an addition to your stein collection. 

Handcrafted in Germany by Zoller & Born.

Height: 6"     0.5 liters 

$109.95 $131.94

Dublin Ireland Coat of Arms .5L Irish Beer Stein

Celebrate your Irish heritage with this beautifully designed beer stein. The raised relief images depict the famous landmarks of the city of Dublin, Ireland. The front includes a blue shield coat of arms that sit beneath a waving Dublin banner, a map of Ireland and a mischievous leprechaun holding a pint of delicious brew. The sides are adorned with the raised relief of historical landmarks such as Dublin Castle, Temple Bar, Ha'Penny Bridge, Trinity College, St. Patrick's Cathedral and the General Post Office. Celtic knots adorn the top and bottom rim of this conical shaped pewter lid stein. 

Limited Edition      Hand-painted in Germany by King-Werks 

Height 10"   0.5 liters 

$119.95 $143.95

Munich Germany Cityscape .25L Beer Stein

This beautifully handcrafted German beer stein features a blue Munchen banner flying in front of an Old World German cityscape on the fron. The raised relief designs on the sides feature cityscapes from Holbrauhaus, Bavaria, Theolinerkirche, and Scholob Nymphenburg. Includes a pewter flip-top lid. 

Handcrafted in Germany by Zoller & Born.

Height: 9 1/4"      0.25 Liters 


DIRNDL Glass Stein w/Lid

Hand wash only! Do not put in dishwasher.


Scandinavia .5L Glass Beer Stein

Front and center on this Scandinavia heritage stein is a pewter medallion with a Viking ship set against snow-capped mountains. Two dragons stand guard over a SCANDINAVIA banner. On the left side are the flags of Finland and Denmark and on the right are the Swedish and Norwegian coat of arms. The pewter lid features a filigree design.
Hand wash only. Do not put in a dishwasher. Made in Germany
$54.99 $64.99

Paris Eiffel Tower .25L Beer Stein

The Eiffel Tower stands tall and bright on this Paris France souvenir stein. The notable Paris scenery is set against a cobalt blue background in a lovely fashion. 

This authentic German made stein stands approximately 7.75" tall.

Holds .25 liters.

Handcrafted in Germany by King-Werk.

$69.99 $79.99

Oktoberfest Barrel Rolling .5L Beer Stein

O'zapft is! Roll out the barrel!

How cool is this guy? I can guarantee you that he is having a blast at his Oktoberfest celebration. This stein simply has fun written all over it.  Complete attention to detail is loud and clear. 

You will notice Alpine Oktoberfest scenes with the fun-loving, pretzel and beer holding Bavarian man on the front.  Underneath is a beer barrel and maipole with an Oktoberfest banner flanked on both sides by a beer wagon. On one side of the stein a wood chopping contest is in progress and on the other a barrel rolling contest. This is all set against a rustic background. The sturdy handle is composed of 3 beer barrels. It is finished off with a pewter lid decorated with edelweiss flowers and beer wagons.

Stands approximately 10" tall and holds .75 liters.

Handcrafted with love and care in Germany by King-Werk.

$119.99 $139.99

Bald Eagle .4L Etched Glass Beer Stein

This stein depicts two American bald eagles taking flight over beautiful mountain scenery. The pewter lid features an embossed pewter eagle. Stands 7.25 inches tall and holds .4 liters. Made in Germany.

$39.99 $49.99

Bayern Crest Black .25L German Beer Stein

This hand-painted, traditional German beer stein features a raised relief pattern that adorns the top and bottom rim of the stein. The sides also include raised relief patterns with black background. The front of the stein features a pewter German crest with lions. The stein also includes 24K gold accents. Includes a pewter flip-top lid. This would be a beautiful addition to your collection. 

Handcrafted in Germany by Zoller & Born.

Height: 8.25"    0.25 Liters 

$79.95 $95.94

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