Beer Boots & Glassware

Authentic and high-quality glass beer boots & drinking glasses –  German beer boots (das boot), dimpled beer mugs, wheat beer glasses, shot glasses, beer growlers and more!

1L Authentic German Glass Beer Boot - German Eagle & Flag

As you know, beer boots are great about bringing fun to any gathering and this version adds a unique look by featuring the German eagle set against the Germany flag with banner below stating Deutschland.  

In case you didn't know, the secret to drinking from the boot is to point the toe sideways. When the toe is pointed downward, the boot cannot be easily emptied. When the toe is pointed upwards, the liquid flows out of the boot very quickly and uncontrollably, usually spilling all over you. 

Made in Germany by King Werk

Stands 9.5 inches tall.

Holds 1 liter.

$29.99 $34.99

1.5 Oz Cowboy Boot Shot Glass Mug

Take yourself back in time with this 1.5 oz boot shaped shooter.  Taking a shot from this tiny boot glass will help you transport yourself to the days of the old west.

Stands 3 1/8" tall

$5.99 $7.99

Beer Boot Shot Glass- German Eagle

This beer boot shot glass is perfect for your Oktoberfest celebration!

Stands 3" tall


Bayern Crest German Beer Boot Shot Glass

This beer boot shot glass features the Bayern crest. Perfect for your Oktoberfest celebration!

Stands 3" tall

$5.99 $7.99

17 oz Cowboy Boot Glass Mug - Home Bar Favorite

Bring out the cowboy in you with this classic western boot-shaped beer mug complete with spur and old west-style leather design.

This mug holds 17 oz of your favorite beverage.

Stands 6 1/2" tall.

$4.99 $14.99

12.5 oz Cowboy Boot Glass Mug - A Classic Tavern Favorite

Whether it is refreshing sweet tea or an ice cold beer, this glass will make your drink taste better. This 12.5 oz mug shaped like a cowboy boot is a classic tavern favorite.

Stands 6" tall

$4.99 $11.99

Miniature German Beer Boot Shot Glass - Authentic & Collectible

Great gift idea! This miniature beer boot shot glass stands approximately 3" tall and holds 3 oz of your favorite spirit. Made in Germany.  

Price is for one shot glass.

$7.49 $9.99

Oktoberfest Beer Waitress Boot Shot Glass Mug

 This shot glass features an Oktoberfest beer waitress with beer in hand.

Stands 3" tall

$5.99 $7.99

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