Beer Boots & Glassware

Authentic and high-quality glass beer boots & drinking glasses –  German beer boots (das boot), dimpled beer mugs, wheat beer glasses, shot glasses, beer growlers and more!

German Eagle & Flag 1L Dimpled Mug (Krug)

This 1 liter dimpled mug, also known as a krug, features the Germany Coat of Arms set against the German flag with "Deutschland" beneath.  It is made of heavy, high quality glass.

Stands 8 inches tall.

Made in Germany.


HB Hofbrauhaus Glass 1L Dimple Beer Mug - Krug

Your Oktoberfest celebration isn't complete without a Hofbrauhaus Munchen dimpled beer mug.  This heaby duty 1 Liter krug (mug) features the famous HB logo with crown. 

This is no fake knockoff version.  It came from the motherland...proudly made in Germany. 

Stands 8 inches tall.

$19.99 $24.99

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