Beer Steins & Boots

Authentic and high-quality German beer steins and glass boots – glass bier steins, ceramic bier steins, German beer boots (das boot), German drinking horns, and more!

Drinking Horn - .5L Duemler German Horn with Stand

The detailed raised relief on this horn depicts the story of the battle in Teutoburger Forest with Germanic warriors conquering Roman soldiers. The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest was fought in September 9 AD during the Roman-Germanic Wars (113 BC-439 AD).  The warrior in the middle is holding a shield that says "Und sie tranken noch eins ehe sie gingen" which means "and they drank another one before they went on". At the mouth of the horn you see the warriors celebrating the victory with their families and savoring beer out of their drinking horns.

Includes carrying strap and a resin antler display stand.

Stands 13 3/4inches tall.

Holds 1/2 liter.

$119.99 $149.99

Drinking Horn - .5L Horn of Cuchulainn with Stand

The detailed artwork on this horn depicts the greatest Irish myth hero, CuChulainn, on horseback hunting a buck in the woods. The tree branches and roots morph into an ornate knotwork pattern. At the mouth of the horn you see his faithful dog holding a sword in his jaws.

Comes complete with carrying strap and resin antler display stand. Stands 13 3/4" tall and holds 1/2 liter. Made in Germany

$114.99 $139.99

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