Viking & Fantasy Steins

Beautiful collection of authentic German beer steins featuring Norse vikings, Leif Erikkson, dragons, pirates & more fantasy and folklore!

Viking Helmet Beer Bottle Topper Lid

This awesome Viking helmet beer bottle topper will make your friends so jealous! What a conversation starter this will be and it will keep the bugs out of your beer at the same time! These bottle toppers are made of solid pewter and hand-crafted in Germany! Do not confuse these authentic stein lids with the cheaper made stainless steel versions. This bottle stein lid is the real deal!  (Bottle not included)

$13.99 $16.99

Leif Erikkson Viking Rustic .75L Beer Stein

This authentic German beer stein features Norse explorer Leif Erikkson and his Viking warriors discovering America. They are fully prepared for whatever awaits them in the unexplored land with helmets, axes, spears and swords. In the background you can see the ships sails billowing and an eagle flying overhead. This cobalt blue and cream colored stein features a full wrap design. It stands approximately 11” tall and hold .75 liters.
$99.99 $114.99

Scandinavia .5L Glass Beer Stein

Front and center on this Scandinavia heritage stein is a pewter medallion with a Viking ship set against snow-capped mountains. Two dragons stand guard over a SCANDINAVIA banner. On the left side are the flags of Finland and Denmark and on the right are the Swedish and Norwegian coat of arms. The pewter lid features a filigree design.
Hand wash only. Do not put in a dishwasher. Made in Germany
$54.99 $64.99

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