About Us

Oktoberfest Depot is a subsidiary of Texas Slavic and German Warehouse (TSG Warehouse) and is owned and operated by Denise and Jason Gouge. Both grew up in the tiny Polish settlement of Bremond, TX.  Being Texas born and from Polish/German families themselves, pride was not lacking though traditions were becoming more diluted with each passing generation. 

During their 20+ years together, one of their favorite things to do was attend heritage festivals.  It always seemed to bring about happiness to all who attended.  Then, after years of contemplating, they finally jumped all in and began attending festivals as a vendor.  Pretty soon their first ecommerce store, Texas Slavic & German Warehouse was launched.  And with Texas being one of the largest German settlements and having  some of the biggest and best German festivals in the USA, Oktoberfest Depot was launched!

So, whether you are of German decent or just enjoy a fun-filled German Oktoberfest celebration, Oktoberfest Depot has everything you need!


Oktoberfest Depot owners in the early years- at Tomball German Festival

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