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1911S Shikiori 5th Anniversary Fountain Pen Set| Minori | Limited Edition

1911S Shikiori 5th Anniversary Fountain Pen Set| Minori | Limited Edition

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The Minori fountain pen is a special edition for the 5th anniversary of Sailor's Shikiori line, which celebrates the beauty of Japanese culture and scenery. Translating to "bountiful harvest," Minori is the shape of a grain of rice, and its design is inspired by the colors in a rice paddy. The body of the pen is a soft sky blue accented with the soft green color of growing rice, and the translucent cap is flecked with gold, echoing the image of sunlight glinting off a rice paddy, with gold-plated accents. This pen comes with a bottle of color-changing ink that gradually fades from olive green to hazel brown, just like a rice plant as it grows and returns to the earth.

The 1911 is Sailor's flagship fountain pen, named for the year the company was founded. It's a comfortable mid-sized pen with a classic cigar shape and a round barrel and grip. It has a screw-on cap and comes with a converter and ink cartridges to get you started. Sailor makes their gold nibs in-house, and they're known for being exceptionally precise, with a unique feedback sensation. (Note that they run on the fine side, like other Japanese fountain pen nibs.)

  • Medium-fine 14k gold nib
  • Compatible with Sailor ink cartridges
  • Includes 20ml bottle of color-changing ink, converter, and two black ink cartridges
  • Comes in a gift box
  • 5.3" when closed
  • 4.6" when uncapped
  • 5.8" with cap posted

The first company in Japan to make fountain pens, Sailor has a long history of producing finely crafted writing instruments. Their pens are loved for their precise nibs and their colorful designs.

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