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2023 MD Diary One Day One Page Planner

2023 MD Diary One Day One Page Planner

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Midori's MD One Day One Page planner has a great combination of structure and flexibility to make it a useful daily companion. The beginning of the notebook has a yearly calendar overview, followed by 14 monthly calendar spreads (covering December 2022–January 2024), with extra space in the margins for notes and drawings. The calendars are followed by 385 daily pages to use as you wish. Each daily page features a timeline on the left side that can be used for hourly scheduling or for making to-do lists. The right side of the page is blank space for additional notes or sketches.

This planner has beautiful creamy paper that is well-suited for all kinds of writing tools, a colorful bookmark string to help you keep your place, and a sheet of numbered and blank index label stickers you can use to add tabs to your notebook, as well as helpful markings on the edge of the pages so you can line the tabs up neatly.

  • 416 pages / 208 sheets
  • A5 version: 6.2" x 8.5" x 0.9"
  • A6 version: 4.4" x 6" x 0.9"

Midori is a Japanese stationery brand that has been producing writing paper and envelopes since 1950. They create design-focused products to enrich and add color to people’s daily lives. 

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