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Drehgriffel Gel Pen

Drehgriffel Gel Pen

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The Drehgriffel (a German coinage translating roughly to "twist stylus") is a revival of a pen from the 1920s, and its design has a vintage feel that reflects its history. A smooth-writing gel pen, it has a hexagonal body with a grooved cap on the end that twists to extend the pen tip. Its aluminum and brass body has a pleasant weight and it comes in different colors that match Leuchtturm's notebook line. The gel refill has a smooth ceramic ballpoint that flows easily and evenly.

This pen is satisfying to write with, comfortable to hold, and comes in a playful triangular box, making it an excellent choice for gifting, while its reasonable price point and refillable design makes it a great pen for everyday use.

Staff pick! Sara says: "This pen is such a smooth writer! I like its hexagonal shape and the heft of the metal body. But the best part of all is the twist mechanism, which is incredibly satisfying for fidgeting with."

  • Black ink
  • Refillable
  • 5.1" long

Refill: Drehgriffel Refill

Leuchtturm1917 is a German stationery company founded in 1917. With the belief that small details can make a big difference, they focus on creating premium quality stationery products that will provide their users with a foundation for well thought-out, successful solutions.

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