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ECO Fountain Pen | GLOW Green

ECO Fountain Pen | GLOW Green

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The TWSBI ECO is a wonderful everyday pen for beginners and for anyone who likes to write with bottled inks. The ECO has a built-in piston filling mechanism that's easy to use, and a special cap design ensures a tight seal. The Glow Green edition has a streamlined plastic body that shows off the ink and mechanisms inside, with a translucent green cap and piston knob that glow in the dark.

Staff pick! Yulan says: " If you like to play with bottled inks (like me) and like to have fun with all the shimmering or shading inks (also me), I highly recommend getting the broad or 1.1 stub nib. It gives you the luxury of seeing your beautiful ink flowing inside like the galaxy and you can bring that same galaxy onto paper using this pen, writing smoothly to the last drop. Need more reasons to buy a pen? It GLOWS IN THE DARK."

  • Piston filling mechanism
  • Stainless steel nib available in multiple sizes
  • Uses bottled ink only (not included)
  • Comes in a box with wrench and silicone grease for maintenance
  • 5.5" when closed
  • 6.3" with cap posted

TWSBI made a name for themselves with their high-quality, affordable demonstrator pens, which let you see the inner workings of your pen. The built-in filling mechanisms they use are usually only found in much more expensive fountain pens. TWSBI encourages writers to get to know the mechanics of their pens by disassembling and maintaining them at home.

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