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Goodnow Farms Chocolate

El Carmen with Coffee | Chocolate Bar

El Carmen with Coffee | Chocolate Bar

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Made from beans farmed in Nicaragua, this award-winning chocolate bar is deep, rich and earthy with caramel and raisin notes, which pairs perfectly with the coarsely ground, lightly roasted coffee beans that add a satisfying crunch.

Staff pick! Sara says: "I have a serious chocolate addiction, and let me tell you, this is the good stuff. The flavors are so complex and delicious. And it's ethically sourced, which makes me feel better about the amount of chocolate I eat."

  • 69% cacao
  • 55g bar

Goodnow Farms is a local family business based in Sudbury, MA. They make award-winning, single origin craft chocolate that highlights the distinct flavors of the beans they source. They develop direct relationships with cacao farmers throughout Latin America, to ensure that they use sustainable farming practices and are fairly compensated.

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