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Eras 2022 Limited Edition Pencils | Set of 12

Eras 2022 Limited Edition Pencils | Set of 12

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Blackwing's Eras series honors the history of Blackwing pencils with designs inspired by the pencils of years past. This 2022 limited edition pencil features a retro design from the mid-1900s with an arrow punched out of the ferrule. It has a dark grey barrel with a gold imprint, a classic pink eraser, and extra-firm graphite.

Like all Blackwing pencils, the Eras features incense-cedar casing, Japanese graphite, and an iconic refillable square eraser. Check out our guide to learn more about Blackwing!

  • Extra-firm graphite
  • Eraser included
  • Box of 12 pencils
  • 7.9" long

Blackwing empowers creativity by making quality pencils, notebooks, and tools for creative-minded people; supporting deserving artists; and helping fund arts education with a portion of all their sales.

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