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Hobonichi Techo 2023 A5 Cousin Planner | Hanataba No. 1 by Ichiro Yamaguchi

Hobonichi Techo 2023 A5 Cousin Planner | Hanataba No. 1 by Ichiro Yamaguchi

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The Hobonichi Techo is a popular Japanese planner packed with thoughtfully designed details that make it a beloved organization tool and an open-ended format that doesn’t box users in. It’s popularly used as a planner, bullet journal, diary, and sketchbook, among other uses. This version is the A5 size Hobonichi Techo Cousin, a larger version of the original book that gives you plenty of space to write and draw.

The A5 Techo has a page-per-day layout. Each page is headed with the date, day of the week, phase of the moon, and a small fill-in checklist, and each footer has an inspirational quote and a mini monthly calendar for quick reference. The pages have a grid background which provides guidance if you want to divide the pages, draw boxes, create checklists, or write journal entries, but the grid is light enough to disregard. Along the left side of the page is a thin timeline column which can be used to create an hourly schedule. Each month is printed in a different color so it’s easy to distinguish between months, and Sundays are printed in red, so you always know when a new week begins.

The beginning of the Techo contains an overview of yearly calendar dates, plus weekly pages for writing each week’s appointments and monthly calendar spreads so you can see the whole month at a glance. It has a yearly index including every date in the year, which can be used as a table of contents, a reference for birthdays and important dates, or a habit tracker. At the end of the planner are extras including additional pages for notes, a place for important contacts, a favorite things list, a “My 100” list, and more. The thoughtfully designed Techo has lay flat binding and is made with thin but high quality Tomoe River paper.

This planner comes with the Hanataba No. 1 cover, featuring artwork by painter Ichiro Yamaguchi. The cotton cover includes two pen loops that keep it closed when a pen is inserted. It has two bookmarks to help you keep your place and a plethora of pockets to hold credit cards, business cards, stamps, tickets, sticky notes, and other odds and ends.

  • Book: 8.3" x 5.8" × 0.6"
  • Cover: 10.2" x 7.7" x 1"
  • Due to changes in supply, Hobonichi will switch to an updated version of Tomoe River paper in 2024. Each 2023 planner contains a sheet of the new Tomoe River paper for users to test out before next year’s paper switch.
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