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Matte Pencil | Set of 12

Matte Pencil | Set of 12

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Ideal for musicians, woodworkers and anyone who prefers a soft, dark line, the Blackwing Matte is the softest of the four core Blackwing models. It features a timeless matte black finish, iconic square Blackwing ferrule and black eraser.

Staff pick! Sara says: "I'm typically a pen user in my day-to-day life, but Blackwing pencils are so satisfying to write with that I've started looking for more excuses to use a pencil. I like all their pencils, but I favor the Matte, with soft dark lead. The matte finish on the pencil is soft and comfy to hold, and the dark graphite looks so rich on a page. I like to sew and the soft graphite is great for marking fabric as well as drawing or writing. And I'm a big fan of the extendable square eraser."

Check out our guide to learn more about Blackwing!

  • 7.9” x 0.3”
  • Soft graphite
  • Eraser included
  • Box of 12 pencils
  • Replacement erasers available

Blackwing empowers creativity by making quality pencils, notebooks and tools for creative-minded people; supporting deserving artists; and helping fund arts education with a portion of all their sales.

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