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Perpanep A5 Notebook | 5mm Grid

Perpanep A5 Notebook | 5mm Grid

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Kokuyo's Perpanep notebooks (the name is an anagram of the words "pen" and "paper") are designed to produce the best combinations of pen and paper possible. They come in three different paper textures, each one ideal for a different kind of writing tool and experience. The extremely flat Ultra Smooth paper is great for fountain pens and fineliners, and shows off shading inks nicely. The slightly toothier Smooth paper is ideal for gel pens, ballpoint pens, and pencils. The Textured paper is also recommended for fountain pens and fineliners, but provides a different writing experience with more feedback that accentuates the sound of writing. All three notebooks open completely flat and have a clean and simple design.

  • 120 grid pages / 60 sheets
  • 96 gsm paper
  • Softcover
  • Available with textured, smooth, and ultra smooth paper
  • 5.8" x 8.3"
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