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Pro Gear Fountain Pen | 2021-21K | Limited Edition

Pro Gear Fountain Pen | 2021-21K | Limited Edition

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Sailor Pens celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2021. This beautiful limited-edition pen commemorates their anniversary with colors that echo Sailor's brand colors, and it has a flexible, resilient 21k gold nib for an even more comfortable writing experience. The Sparkling Blue Dawn color contains fine glass particles that make the pen shimmer subtly, and warm gold accents complete its luxurious feel.

Sailor's Pro Gear fountain pen is a comfortable mid-sized pen, small enough to fit in a pocket but long enough for comfortable everyday use. It's got a classic shape with a flat-top cap and a round barrel and grip, and comes with a converter and ink cartridges to get you started. Sailor makes their gold nibs in-house, and they're known for being exceptionally precise, with a unique feedback sensation. (Note that they run on the fine side, like other Japanese fountain pen nibs.)

  • Includes converter and two black ink cartridges
  • 21k gold nib with 21k promotional mark
  • Limited production of 1500 pieces, each uniquely numbered
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Compatible with Sailor ink cartridges
  • 5" when closed
  • 5.8" with cap posted

The first company in Japan to make fountain pens, Sailor has a long history of producing finely crafted writing instruments. Their pens are loved for their precise nibs and their colorful designs.

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