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Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen | The Pillow Book | Autumn Sky | Limited Edition

Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen | The Pillow Book | Autumn Sky | Limited Edition

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Sailor's limited edition Pillow Book series of pens is inspired by the famed work of Japanese literature by Sei Shonagon, a court lady who served the Japanese empress in the early 1000s. This classic piece of literature is a collection of her essays, poetry, observations, and advice. Among her varied subjects are many descriptions of nature, from which the colors of Sailor's new pen series are drawn. The Autumn Sky pen is a warm, pinkish-orange color with gold accents that perfectly capture the mood of autumn.

Sailor's Pro Gear Slim fountain pen is a comfortable mid-sized pen, small enough to fit in a pocket but long enough for comfortable everyday use. It's got a classic shape with a flat-top cap and a round barrel and grip, and comes with a converter and ink cartridges to get you started. Sailor makes their gold nibs in-house, and they're known for being exceptionally precise, with a unique feedback sensation. (Note that they run on the fine side, like other Japanese fountain pen nibs.)

Staff pick! Victor says: "This was my first entry into high-end fountain pens. It fits comfortably in my smaller hand and I really enjoy the gentle and smooth pencil-like feedback as the nib runs across the paper. It's always exciting to see their beautiful new limited editions and oh-so difficult to hold back from collecting them all."

  • Includes converter and two black ink cartridges
  • 14k gold nib
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Compatible with Sailor ink cartridges
  • 4.9" when closed
  • 5.6" with cap posted

The first company in Japan to make fountain pens, Sailor has a long history of producing finely crafted writing instruments. Their pens are loved for their precise nibs and their colorful designs.

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