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Seiboku Pigmented Blue Ink

Seiboku Pigmented Blue Ink

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Sailor's Pigmented inks are permanent and water-resistant, so they're great for important letters and documents. Seiboku is a bright blue color. Pigmented inks contain tiny particles which can clog up a pen if it sits for too long without writing, so it's best to clean your pen regularly when using them.

Staff pick! Jean says: "I can't say enough good things about this ink. It writes smoothly in any pen I've put it in. It rarely bleeds or feathers, even on regular copy paper. It's archival and almost perfectly waterproof, making it a good choice for artwork, journaling, and writing of any type that you want to last. The color is also complex, with some sheen and subtle multicolored shading in larger nibs. For a pigmented ink, it's been fairly low-maintenance. An absolute favorite of mine!"

  • Pigment-based fountain pen ink
  • Available in 50 ml bottle or 4 ml sample

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