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Sleepy-Wakey Baby Mouse in a Matchbox | Blue

Sleepy-Wakey Baby Mouse in a Matchbox | Blue

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The Sleepy Wakey baby mouse is soundly sleeping on one side and wide awake on the other. This little mouselet comes in a matchbox bed.

Staff pick! Jenny says: “It is such a sweet gift for a little guy who starts to learn when to sleep and wake up on their own bed. The little Sleepy-wakey also means: Sweet dreams and good morning. Who doesn’t want to own one?”

  • Box: 3.75" by 2.6" by 1.2"
  • Mouse: 3” tall
  • Cardboard, cotton and polyester

Maileg is a Danish toy-maker featuring the work of designer Dorthe Mailil. They create well-made, adorable toys that will last, and open children's minds to new stories and innovative ways to play that will serve them well through life.

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