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Vac700R Iris Fountain Pen | Special Edition

Vac700R Iris Fountain Pen | Special Edition

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This gorgeous limited edition pen from TWSBI has an iridescent rainbow finish on its metal accents, and no two pens are exactly alike. A demonstrator that lets you see the ink inside, it has plenty of ink capacity. The Vac700R has a vacuum filling system to draw ink from the bottle with a safety valve to help prevent leaks. Just tighten the plunger knob fully to seal off the ink reservoir, then unscrew it slightly to allow ink flow when you're ready to start writing.

  • Vacuum filling system
  • Stainless steel nib with a rainbow finish, available in multiple sizes
  • Uses bottled ink only (not included)
  • Comes in a box with wrench and silicone grease for maintenance
  • 5.7" when closed
  • 6.8" when cap is posted

TWSBI made a name for themselves with their high-quality, affordable demonstrator pens, which let you see the inner workings of your pen. The built-in filling mechanisms they use are usually only found in much more expensive fountain pens. TWSBI encourages writers to get to know the mechanics of their pens by disassembling and maintaining them at home.

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